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Carolina Seasons began as a small azalea nursery in 1980 run by the Stillwell family.  In the beginning, azalea cuttings were rooted in Ken Stillwell's backyard greenhouse and sold on spring weekends at the Pitt County fairgrounds.  His wife and children helped pot plants and his parents worked with customers.

Gradually, the nursery expanded to include other ornamental trees and shrubs and covered more land.

Andrea Pike came to the nursery in 2004 and has brought her own talents to Carolina Seasons.  Since her arrival, the selection of perennials and seasonal annuals offered at the nursery has expanded.  She has a true passion for horticulture and strives to help others enjoy their own gardening experiences.

Today, the nursery is one of the most diverse in the area.  It attracts plant lovers across Eastern North Carolina.  Ken and Andrea continually look for plants to add to the nursery's current collections that will give plant lovers more choices for their specific needs.  Whether you have deep shade or blinding sun, dry soil or wet, or want early blooms or late, there is a plant at Carolina Seasons that will work for you.  

The image below is an aerial view of the nursery in Fall of 2011.










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